Tuning, BY EAR - no electronic device assistance such as is used by amateurs & incompetents

Voicing (tonal adjustments affecting sound character, evenness, touch perception)

Regulation (mechanical adjustments affecting touch)

Repairs (most commonly to broken strings, keys/notes not sounding on a second strike, but including almost any fault)

Specialist with Yamaha, Steinway & Boesendorfer; most brands serviced, though there are a few notable exceptions

Technical assessment (often requested prior to purchase, a comprehensive analysis of a piano's condition & suitability for a given purpose)


Purchase advice & assistance (piano selection, new or used, analysis of requirements for individuals & institutions, personal introduction or referral to ethical piano retailers)

Arrange supply of new Yamaha, Boesendorfer or Steinway, or used Yamaha pianos, for individuals &/or institutions (schools, universities, clubs, venues etc)

Assessment of & reporting for long-term management of large piano installations (universities, schools)